Get the Best Tour Experience at Fiji by Turtle Airways

UPDATED: October 29, 2018

Fiji is one of the renowned tourist countries located in the South Pacific Ocean. It is actually an archipelago, a group of more than thousands of small islands. Though, Fiji is less populated but the rugged landscape, palm-lined beaches and the blue lagoons are the main point of attraction here. Among all the islands, the Mamanuca and the Yasawa group of islands are of great tourist attraction. The tourists after landing at the international airport at Nadi, they are not able to reach these islands by roadways or railways. One of best ways is to hire the sea planes. There are many companies that offer short-term flight services from the Home base (of the seaplanes) to the destinations. One such name in the list is Turtle Airways. It is one of the reputed companies that offer sea plane tours for the visitors who want to experience and enjoy the vacation.

Get the Best Tour Experience at Fiji by Turtle Airways

The home Base of the Turtle Airways is just 15-20mins away from the international airport of Nadi. Taxis are available from the international airport of Nadi to the Home base of Turtle Airways. The taxi fare is affordable. Turtle Airways offer short-term flights from the Home base to the Yawasa islands. The time duration is 25-30 minutes. The flights take the tourists to the Mamanuca islands within 15 minutes from the Home Base.

There are two types of tours available by these seaplanes. The air tours allow the tourists to fly over all the islands and explore the natural wonders. The sun-drenched islands and the beaches call for adventure. Fiji islands have world-class beaches and wonderful terrains that make this place the most suitable tourist destination. This place is very famous for the backpackers. The Turtle Airways also customize tours according to the requirements of the customers. The day trips allow the travellers to explore the seascapes of the beaches and islands. Turtle Airways offer wonderful day trips to the passengers. These sea planes allow the tourists to visit to all the islands located between Yasawa islands and Mamanuca islands. The seaplanes provide taxis to pick you up from the resort. If you are having alternative options, inform it to the staffs of Turtle Airways. Fiji resort transfers by the sea planes of Turtle Airways are the best options for private and luxury journey.

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