Plan your New Year’s Eve in advance

UPDATED: October 29, 2018

According to the Gregorian calendar, December 31st or the last day of a year, which is also the 7th day of the Christmas season is called the New Year’s Eve. In most countries this New Year’s Eve is celebrated in a much more grand way than the main New Year Day. People prefer spending their time in social gatherings with other people dancing, eating and celebrating together. They drink alcoholic beverages and enjoy the mesmerising view of the night sky being filled with bright and colourful fireworks. They are lit up exactly at 12’o clock to mark the new beginning of a year. All these celebrations start from the evening and go on till the midnight, where people bid the past year goodbye and welcome the coming year.

India is in no way behind in celebrating the day in a glamorous way. The metropolitan cities which are Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, Chennai, Pune, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad and Bangalore are the most glamorous ones where most of the celebrations take place. All across the country various events, shows, award functions and parties are arranged on this day. The popular pubs and discos might feature famous singers or DJs to perform and make it a night worth remembering. Concerts are another very popular things here during the New Year time. Thousands of youngsters come to enjoy these events.

Things you can do on the New Year’s Eve

Most people stay with their families during this time, spending time with their close ones and making New Year’s resolutions together is a great way to spend the moment. Some people follow their old traditions, like Hindu families do pujas to welcome a fruitful year and Christians attend church functions. Some other ways to make the New Year an extraordinary one are:

Plan your New Year’s Eve in advance

Cruise- people living in cities which are at a close proximity to big rivers or seas would know about the cruise events organised in that area. Cruises are a great way to celebrate the New Year. You can go there with your family or your partner to enjoy a delightful dinner under the night sky filled with stars while sailing along calm waters.

First Night Events- these are special events organised on this auspicious occasion. Different events and parties take place on this day for the people to come out of their house and celebrate together. You can get information about these near you from the internet, like if you search New Year parties in Bangalore, you will get the list of all the parties that are going to take place in Bangalore during this time.

Nightclubs- the nightclubs in your area are bound to throw some grand parties most often with an open bar. The tickets get sold out pretty soon so it would be better if you pre-book them. Then you can groove and move along to the beats.

Fireworks, special dinners, theatre performances and also live music festivals are some other great ways to make your night memorable. So get out of your house and do something different and unforgettable.

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