Things To Bring On Your Travels To Bali

UPDATED: October 29, 2018

Don’t know where to visit for your next vacation? I’d suggest you go have the best fun time yet at Bali. You are probably thinking “Where in the world is Bali”. Bali, Indonesia is a lush island paradise, famed for its arts, culture, and recreation. The mere mention of Bali invokes thought of paradise. It is more than a place, it’s a mood.

However, you don’t want to go to Bali and not be a part of everything it has to offer. So, here are some useful tips that might come in handy.

WATER PROOF PHONE CASE – Visit to Bali is sure to be filled with all sorts of adventures, and most travellers bring their phones with them every step of the way. Here, the phone case is of importance. It allows you capture all moments regardless of what activities you are participating in; take underwater photos and videos, protects your device from scratch, dust and sand. You can as well get an underwater camera; they serve almost the same purpose.

MOSQUITO REPELLENT BRACELET – Mosquito is popularly known to be a carrier of disease and you sure don’t want be down with fever while in Bali. These bracelet helps get rid of mosquitoes to ensure you enjoy your Balinese adventure without being bothered.

Things To Bring On Your Travels To Bali

SARONG – It is a loose-fitting skirt like garment formed by wrapping a strip of cloth around the waist. It is a great beach wear and can serve a general purpose (learn how to wear it Bali style!) You can use it to create a privacy screen, lightweight blanket, even as a beach blanket.

SLIP-ON MESH WATER SHOES – Bali is a place for water adventure. To avoid walk around in soggy shoes or having to dry out sneakers every now and then, I highly recommend a pair of slip-on mesh water shoes.

SMALL BACKPACK – Getting a smaller bag for day time use will also serve you well. It will hold all items that you will be carrying such as sunscreen, water bottle, extra shoes, sarong, swimsuit, etc.

HOLIDAY SPECIFIC ITEMS — Many people travel to Bali to take part in fitness retreats or to stay on weight loss resorts and so there are many things like running shoes, training clothes and many others to bring along.

PERIPLUS GUIDEBOOK- This book gives an immense amount of history for understanding the culture and people of Bali at a deeper level. Incredible photos, in depth descriptions of places, festivals, food etc.


Meanwhile, the basic things still remain basics. You will need your clothes, sunscreen, toiletries, extra battery for your devices, electric plug/adaptor, hat, a pen and notebook, extra pairs of sandals/flats, Panadol tablet, hand sanitizer, headphones and every other thing you feel is necessary based on personal discretions. If you forget something, you will most likely find it available for purchase locally anyway. Bali is hardly a deserted island!

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