A helpful guide for Dubai Safari Tour

UPDATED: October 9, 2019

Dubai consist of multiple remarkable tourism activities. But the most popular and highly recognized is desert safari Dubai. Basically, this is a kind of a trip that involves Toyota-Land Cruiser or a camel to go into more in-depth part of the desert. The exciting journey begins at the hotel or house with the tour operators. Here is a helpful guide for Dubai Safari tour Package:

Desert Safari Tour vehicles

The desert safari tour guide offers a car that can accommodate the capacity of six people. In case you prefer a private tour with friends or family you can negotiate with the company and see if they offer you an affordable rate. Once you’ve been picked at the hotel, first they will drive you to the meeting point with other tour vehicles.

Once all the tour vehicles have been assembled at the meeting, they will all proceed a convoy into Dubai desert. Driving in Dubai desert is live a roller coaster since the drive will be thrilling in a different direction through the sand dunes. The convoy will then stop at the center of the desert after several miles drive.

At the camel firm

Now, here is where it is known as the camel farm when tourist usually takes the chance to stretch their legs while they take photographs. From the camel firm, the convoy will proceed the journey into the Safari desert camp where they will debark and later continue to the Bedouin camp.

At the Bedouin Camp

This camp was established to offer an insight into desert life done by the traditional Arabs. Bedouin camp is a comprehensive functional travelers’ structure that includes the entire modern facilities such as electricity, telephone and washrooms. Approximately, you may spend three hours at Bedouin camp, so you have a chance to purchase souvenirs from the shop around the field.

The typical items that are available around the shops in Bedouin camp include pictures and video of the adventurous trip. This camp also comprises pretty ladies who are ready to sell or put henna on the hands of those wish and also serve traditional buffet. After the dinner, you better get prepared for belly dancing by belly dancers who are happy to teach anyone who would love to dance.

Once you’re done with dancing and other activities included in the tour package, you will be dropped back to the hotel. In conclusion, desert safari Dubai is a must for everyone who visits the United Arab Emirate (UAE).

Desert Safari approximate cost

 The approximate cost of the Safari desert tour is AED 160 – AED 240 (US$ 43 – US $ 64. The amount includes Food, Sandboarding, Pick and drop and henna mehndi. Almost every tour guide in Dubai offers the above necessary tour package.

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