Things to Consider When Planning Your Trip to Fethiye

UPDATED: August 20, 2019

There is so much to see when you are in Turkey. The usual places for tourists are Istanbul, Ephesus, Cappadocia, and Fethiye. If you visit in the summer season, it is better to head to Fethiye – a port city with a striking natural harbor and bay.

Whether you want to check out the 4th century BC rock tomb of Amyntas or visit many shops in Paspatur, the key to a successful Fethiye trip is planning ahead. Here are some things you need to consider before you go to Fethiye:


You should first check the flights. Bear in mind that the closest airport to Fethiye is Dalaman Airport (DLM). It is about 35 kilometers away from the coastal city. DLM airport has two terminals – international and domestic. The good news is many airlines offer flights to DLM airport.

Airport transfer 

Since Fethiye is 35 kilometers away, you should book in advance airport transfer. This is for the seamless journey to the coastal city. If you book in advance, you get the chance to choose the type of car – it can be a modern air-conditioned car or minibus.


This will depend on your nationality. For instance, British citizens need a visit visa to Turkey upon arrival. For French citizens, they do not require a visa to visit Turkey for at least 90 days per visit.

Time zone 

Turkey is located only in one time zone – the Eastern Time. This means that all the cities and regions of the country have the same time. It is important that you know what time you will arrive and set your clock at the onset to avoid any confusion on your part especially when catching a flight or airport transfers.


 There are different types of accommodation in Fethiye. You can choose from the following:

  • Hotels: hotels are the most obvious choice. Your budget will determine what type of room you will stay in. For a practical stay, look for hotels providing an all-inclusive package.
  • Beach resorts: for an immersive experience of Fethiye’s coast, you should think about beach resorts like jiva beach resort thomas cook.
  • Bread and breakfasts or guesthouses: if you are an independent traveler looking for a more personal touch, bread and breakfasts or guesthouses are an excellent choice.
  • Villa or apartment rentals: if you want to live like an expat, you should consider villa or apartment rentals. The good news is that villas and apartments offer short and long-term options for tourists and families.


The currency here is the Turkish Lira (TL). You can exchange currency at banks and nearby currency exchange offices. For credit cards, the most widely accepted are Visa and MasterCard. American Express cards are also accepted but mostly in luxury hotels.


You must be aware that restaurants and hotels do not add service charges on their bill. If you are in a restaurant, it is usual to tip the waiters up to 15% of the bill. You can also give tips on tours. However, tipping will be up to you.

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